65th Reunion

Yes, it's in the works!

Fantastic news! There will be a 65th reunion of Summerlin Institute's Class of 1956! It will be some time around mid-year 2021, so put up some Posties to remind you it's gonna happen.

Class members voted to have the 65th reunion during the class meeting at the 60th reunion. Bob Hill has graciously agreed to once again chair the event with the proviso that more of us chip in and help.

2021 is a long time away and a lot can happen to us in that length of time. But please, take some time out right now and resolve to help in whatever way your health and location permits.

Our past reunions have been fantastic. Everyone who has attended them has had a memorable time, not only enjoying the phenomenal events Bob and the committee have put together, but also re-connecting and catching up with old friends. Let's keep it going. Let's make the 65th just as enjoyable as the others.

Help the committee. Start thinking of events and activities that would be great to enjoy together. What did you like the best about the last reunion? What was not so good? What would you like to look forward to for next time? Let the committee know!

Volunteer. Help turn those ideas into reality. Most tasks require a reasonable proximity to Bartow, but many can be done from afar. What kind of talents can you contribute? Let Bob know. If you're not sure how you can best serve, let him know you want to help but don't know quite how. He'll help you fit in.

Reunions are great and it's especially rewarding to see that the class of 1956 is still so close-knit after all of these years. Let's keep it going!